Salt Lake Layover!

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What a whirlwind! I was back in Salt Lake City for 32 hours. My van is parked in Park City for the month and a half I’ll be gone, so I didn’t have a “home” to come back to, which felt strange. Some of my friends took me in and we proceeded to make the absolute most of the small timeframe we had.

I landed at noon and that afternoon my friend, Sarah, and I rode bikes around the city, dropped letters at the post office, picked up a new SD card, ate delicious Vietnamese food, tried to go on a mountain bike ride, replaced a bunch of tubes to go on a bike ride without a flat tire, eventually made it out the door and rode bikes with her sister, Hannah, and inflated Sarah’s tire 4 or 5 times over the course of 6 miles.

Turns out, taking 2 hours to get out the door was perfect because we caught the sunset and Salt Lake is in fine form right now - spring in the foothills is gorgeous.

The next morning we were so psyched on the ride we got up early to ride Bobsled again.

When we got home, we made a delicious meal and laid in the grass in the sun with our friends. It was so nice to soak in some vitamin D after being inside teaching and in the rain for the past week.

I was on a mission to do as much as possible while I was home so after riding a group of us went climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I was feeling pretty out of it and kinda sick after all the travel, so I hung out and watched my friends absolutely crush it.

Esther and Annie lead climbed for the first time and it was so rad to watch.

When we had our fill of climbing we went and got amazing Indian food and after a quick stop at REI to replace my lost water bottle and pick up a hat it was time for me to start heading back to the airport. I packed up all my stuff and rode across town, on my mountain bike, with a full backpacking backpack and my pillow pet, Oscar’s, head sticking out the top. It was a funny image - in classic form I don’t have a photo, I’ll get better I promise!

I dropped off my bike and at this point, it was time to start traveling again - the second red-eye flight in three nights! I met up with Cody, my co-instructor, and we embarked on our journey to the Dominican Republic.

We got in to Santiago yesterday and drove two hours to Constanza, where our course is.

The DR is stunningly beautiful - we drove up and over a mountain pass and were looking over the clouds above a jungle canopy. So cool!

I had a dish called mofongo for dinner - a ball of yucca, plantain and carne salada (salted meat). Not vegan - but classic Dominican and very delicious!

Today we started to teach a four day Wilderness Advanced First Aid course for the program coordinators at a really cool organization called Global Glimpse.

Here are some photos from our Ecuador course last week. Thanks Cody!

10 thoughts on “Salt Lake Layover!

  1. Hi. Emilia!!
    Looks like a blast!!😎. I am in Boulder end of July then maybe Calgary but i know i am not having as much fun as you.. you know.. old bones etc..🚴🏻🚴🏻

    1. Warren you could outride me any day! I’ll have to stop by the east coast one of these days…

  2. Hi Emilia, fabulous account of your travel-intensive adventures! Thanks for including me, and best of times in DR!

  3. Happy “adventouring” and teaching, Emilia!! Your energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity are an inspiration. Also…BRAVO on your graduation. You are already making the best of “real life” – stay AWESOME!

    1. Thanks Julie!
      Thanks for helping me get through school so efficiently – college is definitely the best sponsorship I ever got!
      I’ll swing by the COE in a month and say hi!

  4. Emilia!! Your letter made me cry with happiness– I feel so fortunate to have you as a friend. You are rad, as you would say, and a total blast to be around. You also inspire and grow me every time we interact. I am better for knowing you. I cannot wait to see you when you return. In the meantime, I am excited to follow your adventures and will be with you in spirit.

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