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Hey! We got a grant!

A few months ago, Zoey and I applied to the American Alpine Club Live Your Dream Grant – check it out here.

And we got it! $200 to climb The Nose on El Capitan as an all-woman team.

That’s pretty sweet. Thanks AAC! #roadtothenose

Some Background

After going to Yosemite for the first time two years ago I came away with the conviction to climb The Nose of El Capitan. Sometimes referred to as “The Best Rock Climb in The World”, among climbers, this goal is pretty novel.

The second time Zoey and I hung out, we went climbing in the Uintas in Utah. Over that weekend, I tried to convince her we should try and climb The Nose. It was a pretty tall order, especially considering we were trying hard climbing 5.10 single pitch sport routes at the time (The Nose is 30+ pitches of 5.9 C0 climbing, with the ability to climb solid 5.10 is really beneficial. It typically takes between 1 and 5 days to climb.) After many months of pestering, reading Steph Davis’s books, and lots of blind optimism on my part, Zoey agreed to be my partner on this ridiculous objective.

The Goal

To start woking on our goal, I flew to Greece over Thanksgiving to visit while she was studying abroad and we spent a week sport climbing limestone and multi-pitching conglomerate towers. We climbed in the gym all winter. We bought the book “How to Big Wall Climb”. We started learning how to aid climb. I got my AMGA SPI certification. We bought a bunch of used cams from my former instructor, Josie. We went to Zion over Spring Break with our mentor, Jay, and got shut down super hard on Moonlight Buttress and learned A TON. We practiced jugging at the school climbing wall. Once the snow melted we started plugging gear and trad climbing in Little Cottonwood Canyon and Moab.

We’ll be in Yosemite Valley from late-August until it gets too cold, sometime in November. We plan on cutting our teeth on Yosemite granite and climbing as hard as we can and learning as much as we can for a few months. At the end of our time in the valley the goal is to send it and climb Then Nose.

As cheesy as it is, the journey really is our destination and we’re truly in it for the experience of trying hard, working towards a massive, seemingly impossible goal, and learning a lot.

I feel like we’ve already gained a ton of valuable experience from working towards this objective and I’m psyched to see what the future holds. 

Again, big shoutout to the American Alpine Club – THANK YOU!

P.S. If anyone wants to be our big wall mentor, you know where to find us! 

Our resumé:

Our main focus is safety

We’re very funny

We pack great snacks

We stay super safe

We laugh a lot

We love learning

We try hard

We have neon pink climbing tape

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