Ecuador Travel Update

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First day of teaching in the books! I think it went ok and I got to use soooo many magic markers my posters turned out beautifully.

Suffice it to say I’m 0% a vegan while abroad. I’d starve to death… so I’m fully embracing whatever is served to me (I have yet to order off a menu) and there were bones in my soup today.

Just finished lesson planning for tomorrow. The course in the DR is going to be a breeze with two more instructors and one extra day… maybe I’ll plan my Thailand trip while I’m there!

I’m listening to cats outside meow.

I’m wearing an alpaca sweater I bought from the indigenous market for $18 which I thought was $28 because I’m a gringa but I managed the whole interaction en español.

Dinner today was $2.25.

No pictures yet because my SIM card broke. I’ll start using my phone camera until I get a new one.

♥️ from Ecuador

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