Real Talk Over Small Talk

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I’m currently in the northernmost region of Vietnam riding a motorbike around a 4 day loop of mountain passes. More on that soon! I’m tired from 3 full days of biking and the internet isn’t fabulous – so here’s something I wrote up a few weeks ago during my time teaching in the Dominican Republic. […]

Turning Points

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Yesterday someone posed the question: “What’s the biggest turning point you’ve had in your life?” I usually give a wishy washy answer about retiring from skiing or in this case, finishing college.  After hearing their beautiful and impactful answers to the same question, I couldn’t live with my surface level response. So to answer the […]

All Done in Ecuador

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We finished our course in Ecuador! My co-instructor Cody and I have a ~32 hour layover in Salt Lake before flying to the Dominican Republic to yeah another Wilderness Advanced First Aid course. This one will be 4 days long instead of 3 and we’ll have two interns with us so that trip will feel […]