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Well, I had plans of writing a post a few days ago and ending it with: stay tuned to see if I get food poising.

Spoiler alert, I did.

You’ll have to forgive my delay in posting the last few days.

Rewind to my last few days, I attended an amazing Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai, made my way to Bangkok for a day, traveled to Vietnam’s Capitol, Hanoi, traveled again to Cat Ba island – the main island in iconic Ha Long Bay, and then last night took a sleeper bus to Ha Giang, in Northern Vietnam.

I’ve talked about this before but when traveling, writing up blogs is time consuming and challenging. Writing on an iPhone, saving posts only to have all the images disappear, acquiring WiFi – it’s tedious. I also don’t set myself up for success because I always tell myself I’ll write during the actual ‘traveling’ portion, i.e. on the bus, train, shuttle, etc.

Then every time I end up getting car sick or sleeping the whole time and I’ve thwarted my ‘blog writing time’.

It’s definitely something I’m realizing is a constant practice – but it’s also really fun documenting everything and having all these stories in one place.

SO even though I wish I could do more – here’s what I can do right now:

Thai cooking class

This was an amazing day. My friend Hitesh and I spent the morning and early afternoon wandering Thai markets, strolling an organic farm, and learning to cook incredible Thai food.

I was living my best life – I was so happy.

Our guide, Lay, was amazing. She explained everything at the market to us in detail. We learned stuff we NEVER would have known without her insight.

Hitesh and I joked that even just visiting the market, our 800 baht (~$25) fee for the tour was totally worth it.

Lay explained all of the different plants in the garden to us. This flower is used as a decoration, or to turn things like sticky rice blue, or to rub on baby’s eyebrows and heads to make it look like they have hair!

Ok, my app is crashing whenever I caption images like that so I’m going to try something new…

So happy to be gardening!

Pad Thai before….

Pad Thai after! (Note decorative flower)

Curry paste before…

So aesthetic.

Lay schooling us on how to really use a mortar and pestle.

Curry paste after!

And now it’s curry!

Mhhhh such a good day! If you’re in Chiang Mai – Smile Organic Cooking School is the place to go. You can find me in their garden – I intend on moving there ASAP.

Bangkok to Hanoi

After the cooking class I made my way to Bangkok. Here’s some context for how heinous the Bangkok congestion is.

In Chiang Mai, Hitesh drove me to the airport on a motorbike in 20 minutes. I boarded my flight within an hour and landed in Bangkok an hour and a half later.

Once in Bangkok I had to wait 20 minutes for a bus to arrive and then 30 more for it to depart. We drove for over an hour and a half to get to the skytrain station and then the skytrain took an hour in total. It took me just under 3 hours to get to the hotel.

Which means it took me twice as long to get from the Bangkok airport to downtown as it took me to get from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.


The next day I hung out with the Westminster school group and visited a floating market.

VERY early the next day Zoey and I flew to Hanoi, Vietnam.

Stay tuned for tales of eating street snails and paying for it.

♥️ from Ha Giang.

5 thoughts on “Call me: Chef Wint

  1. Yum. Adore Pad Thai! We attended a cookery school when in Thailand also & made pad Thai but I’m afraid I came home & remembered none of it!

  2. Thank you! Cooking school looks so fantastic. You must illustrate your cooking prowess to us on your visit before Yosemite. Hugs.

  3. Loving your posts and pictures! And I remember how hard it was to just keep a written journal while traveling. WiFi was a nightmare in Asia so props to you for doing this!!

  4. Thanks for all the fotos. Food is so revealing of all cultures. Emilia, you’re absolutely amazing.
    Grandpa John

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