Catba Bites Back; or, Catba – Not The Cat’s Meow; or, An Impuurrrrfect Stay in Catba; or, Catba’s No Catnap; or, Catscratch Fever in Catba

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Before we address the food poisoning cliffhanger from the last post, we have to talk about Hanoi. Hanoi Vietnam’s capitol, Hanoi is a bustling city centered around ‘old town’ and it’s many themes. With no grid system to speak of, we weaved our way through diagonal streets, triangular blocks, five-way intersections, alleyway shortcuts, and classic […]

Real Talk Over Small Talk

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I’m currently in the northernmost region of Vietnam riding a motorbike around a 4 day loop of mountain passes. More on that soon! I’m tired from 3 full days of biking and the internet isn’t fabulous – so here’s something I wrote up a few weeks ago during my time teaching in the Dominican Republic. […]

Pai and Meditation Retreat

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I arrived in Chiang Mai – the fifth largest city in Thailand nestled in the foothills of Northern Thailand – over a week ago. In that time, I’ve been checking out the areas around here. Honestly, I leave tomorrow and really wish I had longer. Since my last post, I’ve spent two days in the […]

Thai Spirit Houses

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While I was in Bangkok, I learned the Thai believe that when you build a building, you disturb the spirit that is living in the ground in that spot. To make amends, they build spirit houses on the property to give the spirit a new place to live. They also leave offerings like food and […]

Bangkok to Chiang Mai

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Woah! It’s been a whirlwind. I haven’t slept in one place for more than two nights in a week. If I’m keeping track properly, I think my sleeping schedule has been something like: last night in the Dominican Republic – NYC – NYC – 27hrs of airplanes/airports – Bangkok hostel – sleeper train – Chiang […]