All Done in the Dominican Republic! (And New York City!)

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Three days ago I flew from the Dominican Republic to NYC and had a 48 hour layover in the city.

In the DR, I was working with Mountain Education and Development (MED) as a Remote Medicine Fellow. For more information on that program, check it out here.

With a degree in Outdoor Education and Leadership I have a ton of different options for the kind of work I can do. As a certified Wilderness Emergency Medicine Technician (WEMT), teaching wilderness/remote medicine is one option, and this fellowship opportunity with MED was the perfect way to get my foot in the door.

The Fellowship

For the fellowship I was co-instructing Wilderness Advanced First Aid courses. My co-instructor was Cody Porter and he helped me learn the ropes as far as teaching these courses goes. Parts of it were very much trial-by-fire, but feeling like I was in the deep end and getting through it just fine was an empowering feeling.

Sling and swath

I’m certainly looking forward to teaching more wilderness medicine in the future and will continue pursuing that path!

In the Dominican Republic, Cody and I were accompanied by two interns, Austin and Brock. This kind of work is so fun because you get to meet so many interesting people. It’s also really dynamic, and you’re doing something different everyday. It does take a certain amount of flexibility and tolerance for uncertainty- I didn’t have my plane tickets booked until the week before the trip, was originally supposed to go to Nicaragua, and ended up in Ecuador, and Cody and I didn’t know each other basically at all until we both got to the airport at 7am the morning of the trip.

After two weeks of seeing each other nearly 24/7, we both joked that it was a good thing we liked each other! Imagine that trip with someone you didn’t get along with… yikes!

We were teaching the course in the town of Constanza, which I learned is THE mountain biking destination in the DR. I have to go back! It’s beautiful, and I’m sure the riding is amazing.

Global Glimpse

The program MED works with abroad is called Global Glimpse. They are an incredible group of people who bring students from the Bay Area, Chicago, and New York down to Ecuador and the Dominican Republic (their Nicaragua programs had to be cancelled this year due to political unrest). These groups of students experience life as a local, learn about different cultures, and broaden their world-views.

Arepas in dr

Our job at MED is to train the Program Coordinators for Global Glimpse before the students get there. All of the PC’s are incredible people who are fluent in at least Spanish and English. It’s an amazingly diverse group – I made many friends and was so sad to leave the last day. I’m also freshly motivated to become fluent in Spanish and am currently working on spending a few months in South America this winter to achieve that goal.

New York City

After the Dominican Republic, I parted ways with Austin, Brock, and Cody and stayed in New York for two days. I visited some high school friends, Lauren and Alyssa. Alyssa shared her beautiful Brooklyn apartment with me for the weekend – thanks Alyssa! They showed me their weekend routines – we visited bookstores, ate delicious food, went to the Whitney Museum, walked Central Park, rode lots of subways and Lauren and I went to “Hello, Dolly!” on Broadway. A complete New York City weekend!

I’ll start doing a better job of taking pictures!

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