All Done in Ecuador

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We finished our course in Ecuador! My co-instructor Cody and I have a ~32 hour layover in Salt Lake before flying to the Dominican Republic to yeah another Wilderness Advanced First Aid course. This one will be 4 days long instead of 3 and we’ll have two interns with us so that trip will feel a lot different than the one we just did.

It felt strange going to a foreign country and spending 85% of the time inside teaching or on the computer lesson planning. We got to explore the city for 3 nights and go to dinner but that was it. I didn’t even see the volcano that dominates the landscape until the taxi ride home!

I’m hoping that with a bulk of the lesson planning already done and another day we’ll be able to explore more in the DR.

The agenda for my time in Salt Lake is to do as much mountain biking, climbing, and yoga as I possibly can in 32 hours – there’s not enough time for exercise during those courses!

Buying a new SD card is on the docket for SLC so I’ll have photos from here on out.

I also need to get a new Nalgene because I forgot my other one at a restaurant already and I discovered my travel pants are half cotton which will not fly when it rains every single day in SE Asia. Turns out traveling is kind of expensive, but to kind of make up for it I spent $12 in Ecuador (because I forgot my phone charger in the US) and that’s it! Having this fellowship be funded is pretty neat.

♥️ from the Houston airport.

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