What Are You Doing After Graduation?

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What are you doing after graduation?

I’ve answered this question dozens of times in the weeks leading up to graduating college. 


Well – here’s a quick overview of the plan for those who are interested. 


SLC -> Ecuador -> SLC -> Dominican Republic -> NYC -> Bangkok -> Vietnam -> Climbing Somewhere -> Bangkok -> LA -> SLC -> First Star -> Westminster Outdoor Experience -> Grand Teton -> Colorado -> Yosemite -> New Mexico Thanksgiving -> Colombia Christmas 


About a month ago I applied for a Remote Medicine Fellowship through the Salt Lake City based company Mountain Education and Development. Lo and behold, I got it! You can check it out here.


So, the day after I graduated I woke up way too early and hopped on a plane to Ecuador to help teach a Wilderness Advanced First Aid Course. The adventure began! After 4 days on the ground in Ecuador, I was back on a plane in Salt Lake City. Thirty-two hours later I was bound towards the Dominican Republic. That’s where I am now!


From here, I’ll fly to JFK and hang with some friends for two days and then get back on a plane and fly east to Abudabi and connect to Bangkok. I’ll get in at 7 AM on May 29th and I’ll be on my own for 11 or 12 days, until June 8th or 9th. So if you have any recommendations for traveling in Thailand, let me know! 


Somewhere between the 8th and 9th I’ll link up with my girlfriend, Zoey, and we’ll fly to Ha Noi, Vietnam early the morning of the 10th. She’s already in Thailand, so we need to leave the country as soon as I get there so she doesn’t overstay her 30 day Thailand tourism visa.


We’ll explore Vietnam for some period of time and then head back to somewhere in Thailand at some point to go rock climbing. Again, open to recommendations!


On May 28th, I’ll fly from Bangkok to Taipei to Los Angeles. I’ll spend a day in LA on the 29th (if you’ll be around let me know!) and then I get into Salt Lake super early on the 30th. 

(Fun fact: I’ll end up flying around the entire world on this trip which is kinda cool!)


I’ll have a day in Utah where I’ll pick up my van and settle back in and Zoey will arrive late that night.


We’ll have one day to decompress and then we dive into training for our job with First Star on July 1st. 


First Star is something I’m incredibly excited about. They are a non-profit organization who work with high schoolers in the foster care system to help them find success in college. It’s a seriously impactful program. 3% of youth who age out of foster care go to college. 90% of First Star graduates attend college or university. It’s amazing and I’m psyched to be a part of it. Zoey and I will be Youth Coaches, so we’ll live on campus with the students at the University of Utah for the month of July. Our job is a mix between camp counselor, educator, mentor, facilitator, role model, friend, and many other roles. It’s going to be a busy month!


When we finish at First Star the first week of August, we’ll head straight to Westminster to be trip leaders for Outdoor Experience – Outdoor Program trips for incoming first year students right before school starts. 


After Outdoor Experience Hannah, Sarah, Zoey and I are going to head straight for the Tetons and try and make our way to the top of the Grand Teton. 


Then, Zoey and I will hop over to Colorado for a weekend to give the van it’s yearly checkup and see the family after being gone for a while. 


From Colorado we’ll make our way to Yosemite with a stop in Nevada to drop off Zoey’s car and see her parents.


Now we’re in Yosemite! We’ll stay there until it gets too cold to climb! I’m psyched, can you tell? We’re going to climb until our arms fall off and try and climb The Nose. More on that later.

Once it gets too cold we’ll find somewhere warm until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving we’ll make our way to Colombia at some point to spend Christmas there with my mom’s family.


PHEW! That was a lot. I’d be surprised if anyone makes it through all that. 

There it is on paper. The likelihood all that plays out the way we have it planned seems slim, but we’re sure set up for success in terms of working really hard and playing really hard. And that’s exciting. 

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  1. I made it through it all!!!
    Can’t wait for the Grand!! And traveling for about two weeks on your own will be incredible. Can’t wait to hear the tales and stories!!
    Much love

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